We make a plan.

We get there together.

Bad things happen to good people and you are not alone. Let us help you think differently about things and the result will help you feel and function better.



We provide expert help

Things can go wrong in this life. Feelings can get in the way of clarity. Counselors at Lighthouse help to clear away the negative feelings that can keep you from initiating change. We provide expert help navigating through difficult times.



We Collaborate

verbcollaborate; 3rd person present: collaborates; past tense: collaborated; past participle: collaborated; gerund or present participle: collaborating

work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something


seek understanding of your past

Understanding your past is the first step to change your present. History, family, thought patterns and habits. We will help you see them and understand them:

Which ones to keep...which ones to throw away...new ones to master.


we teach you to Dream Big futures

You don't have to do this alone. Having a coach who can see the big picture and help you dream of a future that is happy. We can help you find your happy.

We can show you the way to get there.