At times things can happen in life that make us feel unwell or unhappy. Counseling is a way of easing the burden of life and discovering what is not going well. Thoughts that are difficult to manage and feelings that are worse can lead to life not being happy. We want to help you have the best life you can live.




Art can be a powerful way of connecting. Art Therapists are specially trained to see and understand the feelings you express in your artwork. Artists as therapists also can support you as an artist as you transition through difficult times in your career and life as an artist.



exposure and response prevention

Things that make people anxious sometimes cause us to avoid them leading to a cycle of obsessive avoidance or an obsession to engage in the behavior. Repeated avoidance increases fear and strengthens our desire to avoid the scary stimulus. We can help extinct the anxiety response using exposure and response prevention. This is most often a technique used in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)



In the context of therapy, hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help with many things including physiological problems like dermatological and gastrointestinal problems as the skin and the gut are areas of the body where stress often manifests as physical symptoms. Hypnosis is also very effecting at improving habit disorders like biting fingernails, smoking and overeating. Hypnosis is great at reinforcing motivation, willpower,  and self-discipline for things like changing diet, behavior and attitudes.


massage therapy

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help with stress / meditation

Stress in life is a real challenge. We all have stress and that leads to a number of different transient physical conditions and unpleasant feelings. Hormones can be out of balance resulting in too much catecholamine and adrenaline in the body. We teach people how to  relax their body and mind using progressive muscle relaxation and self hypnosis techniques. Along with mastering the body's flight or fight response, we tech mastery of cognitive control so that we begin to understand our stress as a challenge to rise up to rather than a burden to fear.



Couples/Marital Therapy




Challenges can test the experience of parenting a child. Let us help clarify your mission with your child and re-frame things in a way that will help you manage feelings. Awareness and understanding of motivations in your child is often the key to help keep things under control. 


Help for ANXIETY / cbt


cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) can be a useful tool to help someone master how they think. in simple terms, feelings are created by the things you think. if a thought is causing feelings of anxiety, we can change the thought and take the power away from it, causing less anxiety.