clare thompson, LCP



Lighthouse welcomes a new counselor to our practice!

Clare is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Lighthouse specializing in helping treating children and families. Clare is a generalist counselor skilled in helping families function better. She sees all ages of clients and is skilled at treating anxiety, depression and family issues.

She has a special interest in helping with difficulties in children and challenges of childhood. Clare sees children and families with children as young as 3 years of age.  

Clair's personal statement:

     "It is my conviction that in therapy, it is first and foremost the relationship that does the healing. My goal is to be that supportive advisor to your family to guide you to have the best relationship with your children, and for your children." 

"I work with family populations, finding a special enjoyment in helping children and adolescents. I work most naturally from a client centered approach but have experience using behavioral modification as a useful tool to make changes more rapidly."

Helping Autistic Children -  I enjoy using special techniques to help children using play therapy and ABA. Play is the language of children and is the medium through which I think they are best reached. In the context of play, children can feel empowered, discover their potential, and feel valued for themselves. I haveexperience and training in using applied behavioral analysis (ABA).