find the career you were born to do.

Choices, choices....

Are you trying to figure out how to make smart career choices? Are you looking for what to do next in life? Are you stuck in a series of entry level or meaningless work? 



find your path

We help adults of all ages define a career path. We can help you discover what career would fit with your dreams. We can help you discover what is important to you at the place in life you are now. We coach you to identify a plan with realistic goals and coach you to be accountable to stick to the plan and arrive at your dream career.


initial consultation

In the initial consultation, a one-hour meeting, we will ask you give a history of career choices and assess what led you to your choices at that time in your life. Sometimes we fall into jobs and career just because it was right at the time. This process is to break that cycle!

clarify what you need now

We will identify and define your current situation, and what dynamics relate to your needs in life. 

Then we help you to weigh options given the current needs and influences in your life with an eye towards realistic understanding of your capacity and capabilities. 

What you will take away...

The suggestions and plan may include additional counseling sessions, vocational testing (when appropriate) and job search coaching. We can assist with expert help for job search strategy, resume preparation, interviewing, and salary negotiations.  


The next steps...

At the end of each hour, we will create a task list for the upcoming period of time. These things will keep you motivated and focused on the greater goals we are working towards; things like: research a specific profession, writing a resume draft, reading a relevant book. Then we will schedule meetings with enough time to complete the work.  

Focus on results...

We will give you the skills and confidence to make the right decisions and carry out a sound plan for transitioning your career into a winner!

Fees for Coaching

Insurance benefits will not cover the cost of career coaching. However...We strive to make the coaching session a greater value than the cost. Career coaching is 127.00 per session. The time is individually tailored to your needs and work continues through the period of time after the meeting until the next meeting. We strive to create value for the service greater than the cost setting our sights for higher pay and greater life happiness with new work,

During the week, you are at work a third of your life...HALF of the hours you are awake. Don't give up half your life for less than satisfying work.

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