Making and keeping friends


Many adults I talk with struggle with feelings of loneliness and having difficulties making and keeping friendships. The best ways to meet friends is by sharing a common context, like a group or activity that you like to do. You will have something to do with your new friend as you get to know one another.

Some suggestions I like are: 

Recreational or sports leagues in your community. Softball and kickball are common and often result in general laughter and general hilarious fun.

Check The website has groups of people that meet to do things you enjoy doing. 

Volunteer your time! has a database of things across the country and is a great way to meet people. Many times you will have similar values with others you volunteer with.

Take a class: check out your municipal parks and rec center. Often the classes are taught by local experts and are inexpensive. 

Support youth sports or activities in your community and get to know the parents and participants.

Get out there and meet people and share some smiles! @mentalhealthamerica #4mind4body